For PR and Media, Learning AI Has Never Been Easier

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We’ve still got spots open for our June classes for AI in content creation. And this time you’ll really want to pay attention — especially if you work in PR.

But first, for those looking to go beyond prompting with ChatGPT, our Beginning AI class for creative work in journalism, marketing, and PR is happening on June 12.

The one-hour class takes you from the basics of AI to prompting and tools tailored to creative work in an intense 60 minutes. The whole idea is to not just give an introduction to practical AI, but to create a foundation that starts you down a path to using AI every single day.

Since we first started teaching more than six months ago, we’ve totally revamped this class, with tailored advice on which chatbots and tools work best now, in June 2024. We also give an overview of effective techniques on using AI for research and analysis as well as the ethics of using AI for content creation.

You can sign up for Beginning AI for Marketers, PR, and Journalists here, and until June 10 you can use discount code AISPRING for 50% off the $80 price. 

Sign Up for Beginning AI

Now, for your PR pros: Our fully updated AI Fundamentals class will focus on PR work exclusively for one month only. The class cuts through the basics much faster than before, getting to the good stuff — prompt frameworks for specific workflows, tips and tricks for ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini that work today (as opposed to 3 months ago), and workshopping with purpose-built tools for PR work (think: pitching, short video creation, on-brand writing). Did we mention the class is 100% live instruction?

If you’ve struggled to go beyond simply using ChatGPT for brainstorming and light writing, this class is for you. It’ll take you from basic prompting to detailed frameworks and tools — specific to your work — in a single afternoon. You can sign up here, and if grab a spot before June 10 you can use the discount code AISPRING at checkout to cut the price in half.

Group rates are available! And if your team or agency is interested in a class customized for your team’s workflows specifically, reach out at

Sign Up for AI Fundamentals

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More info on our classes is available on our website.

And if you have a tool you think our students would be interested in, or if you’d like to ask about any aspect of the class, please reach out at

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