How AI Is REALLY Disrupting Video, With Lucihub CEO Amer Tadayon

When it comes to AI changing video, generative tools like Sora and Dream Machine have stolen a lot of the spotlight. with their ability to “imagine” video clips from text prompts. As cool as they are, most of them aren’t available yet, and there’s a big question of whether they actually save you any time.

But while these magic clip generators create a lot of excitement, there’s a quiet disruption taking place downstream. Because in the real world, when you undertake a video project (whether it’s editorial or marketing), there’s a universal rule: You want it done well, you want it done fast, and you want it done cheap. And you can only have two of those things.

Could AI put us on a path to getting all three? That’s what I wanted to find out from Amer Tadayon. Amer is the CEO of Lucihub, a service that can create videos that would have taken days or weeks, and turn them around in hours — sometimes minutes. You still need to give it raw footage (it’s not a purely generative tool like Sora), but it uses AI so that Lucihub’s human editors can cut videos incredibly quickly, and for a lot less than you’d pay an agency. For creative teams struggling for manpower and resources, it feels like a game-changer.

I talked with Amer about how Lucihub is disrupting the conventional wisdom around video, as well as what that means for the big picture. Could AI make video great again?

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