Navigating the AI Revolution in Media, With Ricky Sutton

If past is prologue, the story of how AI changes media won’t have a happy ending for those in the news business. Tech platforms profoundly altered the media landscape over the last 20 years, forever redefining how news is created, distributed, and monetized, and most media brands that tethered their strategy to tech platforms now find themselves diminished and, in some cases, demolished. Will history repeat itself with AI?

To guide me toward an answer, I turned to Ricky Sutton. Ricky is one of the most interesting personalities in media today, and we spoke on The Media Copilot podcast. He’s had a wildly diverse career, cutting his teeth as a reporter before moving on to very important roles at both media companies and tech companies. That experience has enabled him to spot trends long before they were obvious to the rest of us. Ricky’s also founded Oovoo, a video platform for media companies that’s powered by — what else — AI.

Last year he stepped down from the day-to-day at Oovoo to focus on AI through his own Substack called Future Media, where he regularly shares his thoughts on how AI is changing how we consume information, and how those in the media can get ahead of those trends so we’re not always at the mercy of Big Tech.

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