AI Consulting

The field of generative AI is extremely intimidating, and that goes double for media companies and newsrooms: Not only are there a host of different models, approaches, and tools, but the cost of getting things wrong is great: Journalism by definition requires accuracy, and one of the biggest weaknesses of today’s AI models is their propensity to “hallucinate” — make up falsehoods and state them as fact with supreme confidence.

But the media cannot stand still. Generative AI is changing the entire practice of content creation, and media professionals will need to understand how to use AI tools and integrate them into their work lest they get left behind. Getting AI-savvy is the first step to navigating the information ecosystem of the future.

The Media Copilot offers consulting services to newsrooms and media companies of any size on applying AI tools effectively, efficiently, and ethically. We provide instruction on basics, hands-on training with tools, and custom solutions for your specific use cases. Our team of journalists and developers will:

  • Develop first principles of how your organization can approach generative AI ethically and safely.
  • Train your editorial, social media, and marketing teams on basic and advanced uses of generative AI tools.
  • Provide workflow frameworks and customized tools to integrate into your CMS and other systems.
  • Maintain support as your teams develop their use of generative AI.

For advanced users, our team can fine-tune a large language model with your organization’s archives data, allowing your team members to query it for all kinds of applications.

To enlist The Media Copilot’s consulting services, please reach out.