Public Speaking

Let Us Make Your Event Amazing

As a lovers of technology and a prolific writers, people ask us to speak at events about what we’ve seen and learned. We’re happy to do it, and it ends up being quite fun for both ourselves and the audience. We are dynamic, wry speakers and we will not bore a crowd. If you’d like to book one or both of us for an event, reach out via the link below to start the conversation.

Please note: Because of the high volume of requests, we usually require a minimum honorarium plus expenses. Exceptions can be made for some events.

About John

I’ve been an active voice in the technology sphere for over a decade, not only as a technology speaker but also as an expert in cryptocurrency, AI, and fostering creativity through technological advancements. My journey from an IT professional to a seasoned journalist has given me a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and innovation, which I enthusiastically share in my speaking engagements. My insights are shaped by my extensive travels and firsthand experiences in worldwide manufacturing, highlighting the impact of technology on a global scale.

As a former CEO of the fintech startup Freemit, my expertise extends to the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and its transformative role in financial markets. My dedication to addressing the challenges faced by the unbanked has positioned me as a thought leader in the realm of digital currencies and financial technology.

In addition to my corporate experience, I’ve authored ten books including Black HatBloggers Boot Camp, and Marie Antoinette’s Watch

My writing credentials include contributions to the New York Times, TechCrunch, and a tenure as the editor of Gizmodo, further cementing my authority in the tech world. Currently, I’m collaborating with GritDaily, exploring the latest trends in AI and creative technologies.

Not only am I a skilled technology speaker based in Brooklyn, New York, but I’m also an adept MC, capable of guiding your event from start to finish with a focus on AI, cryptocurrency, and the creative uses of technology. My speaking services are available globally, including in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, offering insights into the dynamic world of technology and its future trajectory.

About Pete

I’ve been a technology journalist for more than 20 years, covering everything from the launch of the iPhone to the rise of Uber and the gig economy. Leading award-winning editorial teams at several publications, including Mashable and CoinDesk, has put me in a position to see the “big picture” of tech more clearly than most.

I’ve had the privilege of sharing my perspective as a thought leader on tech, AI, and crypto on national television with appearances on the Today Show, CNN, Fox Business, NPR, and even The Daily Show. I’ve delivered private keynotes on tech trends and have been a speaker at many conferences, including CES, Consensus, and the Digital Summit.

Besides my public speaking experiences, I have a long track record of podcasting. I was the host of Mashable’s official podcast, MashTalk, for many years, interviewing tech CEOs, innovators, and influential journalists every week. For The Media Copilot podcast, I hold weekly in-depth conversations with people doing work at the intersection of media and AI. I also host and produce Pull To Open, a weekly deep dive into the world of Doctor Who.

I’m available for media appearances and speaking engagements, whether that means moderating a panel of industry experts, delivering a keynote on one of my many areas of expertise, or hosting and producing a podcast or video series.