Arm Yourself Against AI

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I don’t want to scare you but the AI is right behind you.

We all sense it in some way: GenAI has become a mind virus that is now infecting all of our bosses and coworkers. Either they’re embracing it (and firing all the humans) or they’re ignoring it (and risking a firing.)

The result is a precarious state of being that isn’t healthy for anyone.

But here’s the trick: this stuff isn’t rocket surgery. AI is a tool, just as the typewriter was a tool and the green screen terminal and the laptop. You need to know how to use it and when you master it, you won’t be afraid.

We’ve got an answer to that. We would love you to join us in one of our March events, especially our 1 hour intro class for journalists, PR professionals, and marketers. To be clear, these aren’t generic, canned video courses on how to talk to chatbots. Our classes are:

Live. John Biggs & I walk you through concepts and exercise with you, and answer questions on the fly.

Tailored to your work. The class focuses on the concepts and tools most relevant to journalists, marketers, PR professionals, and independent creators.

You can find detailed descriptions of both classes on our website.

We also recommend our thorough three-hour AI Bootstrapping for Marketers and Media class (March 20), which goes over foundational AI concepts, the essentials of prompting, a suite of tools and tips on using them, and how to get started on custom solutions for your own workflows. We focus a big chunk of the class on live workshopping and Q&A, which students find very valuable.


For those with busy schedules, though, we also offer a one-hour Beginning AI for Marketers, PR, and Journalists (March 21): a crash course meant to rapidly bring novices up to speed on using generative tools. Even if you think you know the basics of ChatGPT and other chatbots already, this class will improve your use of it with a focus on advanced prompting techniques, underutilized features, and a set of go-to tools for speeding up work.


Both classes include a free premium subscription to The Media Copilot newsletter.

Here’s our promise: when we’re done, you won’t be afraid of AI. In fact, you’ll learn enough to tame it, to make it your own, and to use it without fear. If that sounds fun, please join us.

Ready to start using AI like a pro?


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