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As we close the book on January, we’ve got a lot to update you on.

For starters, we’re less than 48 hours away from The Media Copilot’s first event. If you haven’t yet signed up to attend our meetup in New York City, you still can: RSVP here to attend. We’re looking forward to a great night of conversation over drinks with fellow creatives — journalists, PR professionals, media executives, and others — to talk about AI and its role in today’s media landscape.

Second, today is the last day to get a HUGE deal on the February cohort for our AI training course, AI Bootstrapping for Marketers and Media. It’s a single 3-hour session (with a break!) that will fast-track you through the basics of using generative AI and empower you with practical knowledge on how to apply it to creative work. Even better, you’ll get a personalized one-on-one working session to take you through personalized use cases, answer questions, and build workflows specific to you. Sign up (and get the deal!) here.

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Now, to the main event: We’re excited to announce that The Media Copilot is partnering with MindStudio, an AI platform for creating apps that are sophisticated, adaptable and tailored to work in the real world. Why are we doing this, and why MindStudio in particular? Read on.

When we train creative teams on generative AI, one of the points we make early on is that all models are not created equal. OpenAI’s GPT-4 may generally be considered the gold standard in the field, but the key word is generally. In specific use cases, alternatives can often give better output with the same prompt.

For example, we find Anthropic’s does a better job of document analysis than out-of-the-box ChatGPT. It also does well at generating social media copy. When thinking about what model to use, it’s also important to consider that many tasks, especially ones peripheral to content creation, don’t require sophisticated output (think: proofreading), and a less advanced model will often do just fine.

All of which is to say that locking yourself into a single model for all your work makes no sense. That said, very few creatives will have the patience or budget to continually toggle between models for different work, copying and pasting between a seemingly endless stack of browser windows and apps.

In sum, people need a way to layer AI into their work in a way that reduces friction, not makes it worse. They need a platform like MindStudio.

MindStudio relegates foundational models to back-and services, leveraging them in apps customized to real work.

MindStudio is a platform for designing AI-powered applications. We turn to MindStudio quite often when we consult with newsrooms, PR agencies, and other creatives, using the platform to create custom tools for them. Importantly, it gives our clients an easy way to leverage generative AI without over-relying on any single model. Most importantly, it negates the need for them to become prompt engineers — that’s our job.

We’re thrilled to take our enthusiasm for MindStudio to the next level by partnering with them to be the official AI tool-creation platform for The Media Copilot. We think any solution for real work requires the level of flexibility that MindStudio provides: a platform that’s simple to use but also capable of sophisticated workflows. Best of all, it relegates foundational models to where they belong: as back-end services in a drop-down menu.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? Nothing — you’ll get the same content from The Media Copilot that you’ve been getting all along. You may see more references to MindStudio in our content, in particular when we publish articles that explore the practical application of AI. Whenever we do so, we will disclose that MindStudio is an official partner of the site.

And if you’re interested in seeing how you can start making AI work for you, your company, or your newsroom in real, practical ways, why not get in touch?

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