How Media Can Thrive in the Age of AI, With Louise Story

When The New York Times filed its landmark lawsuit, accusing OpenAI of violating copyright by training its large language models (LLMs) on its journalism, some savvy observers had been expecting such a move for months.

One of those people is Louise Story. Louise is a former Times staffer, spending several years as an investigative journalist before getting involved in strategy and building new formats for the paper (such as live video). She also led content and product strategy for The Wall Street Journal — including its approach to AI — so few people have a better perspective on how newsrooms regard technology platforms. She now offers that perspective as an independent consultant, helping guide media companies on digital strategy and how they can adapt to an AI-mediated future.

I spoke to Louise for The Media Copilot podcast. We of course talk about the lawsuit and dissect the stakes for the players involved and the media. I was also excited to get her perspective on the infamous Sports Illustrated debacle and how incidents like it have added to the stigma of generative content. Of course, I couldn’t let her leaving without getting her to share some practical advice on how newsrooms can take their first steps into the world of GenAI.

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