How to Remix Text With Generative AI

We’ve all had that client: they don’t know what they want, but whatever you give them ain’t it. The results can be frustrating and extremely time-consuming. Now, however, there’s an AI alternative to the constant back and forth with fussy folks.

When faced with text we can’t quite fix, we remix it. This means we simply ask ChatGPT or any other generative AI tool to rewrite the copy in a different style. This doesn’t mean you should immediately use what the chatbot spits back. Instead, you should treat it like a quick-and-dirty refactoring that can lead successive content tweaks.


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First, get your content ready. Strip it down to its bare essentials and remove anything that doesn’t tell the story. Adjectives, hyperbole, all the stuff that ChatGPT will add to your project should be gone.

Let’s take this for example:

Dingo Group, the global $2.5B AUM asset manager specializing in growth-stage private credit, added three executives to lead its newly formed Financial Invasions Group (FIG). Ricky Bobby, Flaco the Owl, and Sally Wilkins now hold roles as Head of FIG; Head of FIG, North America; and Head of FIG, Europe respectively. The three senior hires will strengthen existing ties with Dingo’s institutional investors, which include Donko and Stinkweed, while also developing new LP relationships. 

This is about as clean as you can get it so let’s try a remix.

Here is the prompt we’ll use. Remember, less is more:

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