Hunting AI Content in the Wild, With Originality CEO Jon Gillham

In the latest episode of The Media Copilot podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with Jon Gillham, founder of, about the nuanced world of AI-generated content and its detection. Jon’s company started from a simple need in his content marketing business: ensuring that content was authentically created by humans, not AI. As AI sophistication has grown, so has the necessity for robust detection tools.

The field of AI detection is more complicated than you might think. Jon points out that while not all AI content is spam, almost all spam is now AI-generated. That leads us to an unpacking of Google’s dilemma — that targeting AI-generated content in search results might result a better experience for customers but its position as a major LLM developer inherently conflicts with that goal. Nonetheless, AI detection tools are essential for publishers trying to navigate the new digital landscape without compromising their search rankings or credibility.

We also talk about the importance of transparency and authorship as AI becomes more ingrained in digital content creation. Projecting forward, you can begin to see a “hybrid” future where AI aids content creation under stringent guidelines to ensure quality and authenticity, and that’s OK!

I’m really happy with how the conversation goes deep on the complexities and realities of having AI “out in the wild” in our information ecosystem, and how the interplay between AI technologies and content creators has evolved — and will continue to evolve.

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