May Classes Announced! Learn AI Writing With the Media Copilot Team

Pete and I are prepping for this month’s AI workshops and we’d love for you to join us. Read on to grab a valuable 50% of coupon code for the courses!

Looking to understand how AI can help make you a more productive journalist, PR professional, marketer, or content creator? We highly recommend our thorough three-hour AI Bootstrapping for Marketers and Media class, happening May 16. Starting with foundational AI concepts, the class teaches the essentials of prompting, explores a suite of tools curated for creative work, and shows how to get started on custom solutions for your own workflows.

Enhance your media and marketing skills with AI-driven strategies in this comprehensive course led by TechCrunch’s John Biggs and CoinDesk’s Pete Pachal. This course, which runs for three hours via Zoom or in person, provides a deep dive into the basics and advances of AI. We created it specifically with communications and marketing people in mind. No prior technical experience is necessary. It empowers participants with the tools and knowledge to utilize AI innovatively and ethically in the dynamic realm of digital storytelling and marketing. Embrace the future of media with AI at the helm, transforming your approach and impact in the industry.

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For those with busy schedules, we also offer a one-hour Beginning AI for Marketers, PR, and Journalists, happening May 15. It’s a crash course meant to rapidly bring novices up to speed on using generative tools. Even if you think you know the basics of ChatGPT and other chatbots already, this class will improve your use of it with a focus on advanced prompting techniques, underutilized features, and a set of go-to tools for speeding up work.

Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our dynamic 1-hour crash course, specifically tailored for content creators!

Whether you’re a writer, blogger, digital marketer, or multimedia artist, this compact yet comprehensive session is designed to empower your creative process with cutting-edge AI tools and techniques.

In this enlightening journey, you’ll discover how AI is revolutionizing the content creation landscape. Our expert instructor will guide you through the basics of AI, demystifying complex concepts and focusing on practical applications that you can integrate into your daily workflow.

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