The 5 Best AI Writing Tools

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We’ve tested out nearly every content-creation tool under the sun, and we’ve narrowed our favorites down to five winners. Most of these tools are designed to make content in bulk — something that might become less interesting as search engines ding grey-slime content generated by content mills. That said, if you need a quick, SEO-optimized article or a bunch of fun tweets (a.k.a. X posts), these apps have you covered. Read on to find out about some great tools for marketers, journalists, and PR professionals.

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Jasper is an interesting tool in that it focuses on commercial writing and lets you create social media, articles, blog posts, and even ad copy. It also supports multiple languages. It’s definitely focused on PR and marketing pros and is a good tool for general web writing.

Bottom Line: Built for marketers, Jasper will streamline your content flow and let you get out more content, faster. It has less focus on SEO and more focus on quantity. We’re not convinced it’s actual output is better than what you’ll get from the popular commercial chatbots, but there’s no question its purpose-built tools are better than copying and pasting all over the place.

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Ready to start using AI like a pro?


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