Upgrading Journalism With AI, One Newsroom at a Time, With Nota CEO Josh Brandau

Journalists are naturally skeptical people. They look critically at new things, especially when the incentives around them are complex, and that’s certainly the case with AI. Given the early missteps of some sites publishing AI content and the existential threat the technology poses to distribution, it’s only natural that a stigma around using AI has emerged among many reporters.

That stigma is something Josh Brandau is wearing down, one newsroom at a time. Josh Brandau, the co-founder of Nota, a content platform for augmenting newsrooms with AI tools. I spoke to Josh for The Media Copilot podcast about the company and how it’s grown since its launch in the summer of 2022 — well before ChatGPT and generative AI exploded into the mainstream.

Josh and I discussed how Nota is helping newsrooms, especially small to midsize ones, giving them easy ways to leverage AI to create content more efficiently across multiple formats. But we also talked about how transformative AI is going to be, both for how journalists do their work and the industry as a whole. With everything happening with Google’s AI Search and ChatGPT’s new ability to really talk to you, that discussion is definitely more urgent than ever.

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