Google Just Released the Most Powerful AI Model Ever

Image via Gemini

With all the talk of OpenAI and ChatGPT, not many of the pundits have been watching other LLM models. But, thanks to some massive advances in prompt management, Gemini, Google’s tool, looks like it might now be the one to use moving forward, especially their latest 1.5 release.

First, let me explain why 1.5 is so important.

In the announcement post, Google said that Gemini 1.5 Pro is now able to take in a massive amount of prompt data. How massive?

Gemini 1.5 Pro comes with a standard 128,000 token context window. But starting today, a limited group of developers and enterprise customers can try it with a context window of up to 1 million tokens via AI Studio and Vertex AI in private preview.

That means you could send Gemini millions of words of text and it would consume it all and spit out intelligent answers based on your input. Check out this Tweet by Ethan Mollick:

Basically, this researcher gave the AI a massive game rule book – 352 pages – and asked it to create a character based on the rules described in the book. Gemini 1.5 Pro was about to read the book, understand the rules, and generate a character.

”To be fair, I can’t guarantee it got everything right because this game is incredibly complicated,” Ethan wrote.

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But wait, there’s more!

From Dan Shipper:

Essentially, the AI ingested millions of words and understood them in the time it would take for most of us to eat a few Takis.

That’s scary.

My friend Jon Evans calls this the Leviathan Awakes moment – a moment where the utility of a tool becomes glaringly obvious and almost frightening. We had gunpowder for centuries before the invention of the bombard and then the gun. We had mobile phones for decades before the mobile Internet. This is like that. In short, we’re looking at a sudden tectonic shift in capabilities for a product that most of us heard about last year.

Does this mean you should start using Gemini? Probably. While the standard version is about as capable as ChatGPT, paying a few extra bucks for Pro and eventually getting access to 1.5 might be way to really unleash the power of large prompts. At this point it’s an arms race between multiple incumbents and we’re only beginning to see what these new models can do. Whether Microsoft, Google, or OpenAI win – or whether there’s actually competition – is another question entirely. My money, however, is on the company that has always had more money than God.

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